Maple Salmon

Maple Salmon

These are both new recipes. I just read an article in Cooking Light about incorporating more whole grains into your diet and they suggested polenta so I figured I’d give it a try.

Maple Salmon


Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes


I’ve been inspired to start this meal planning blog to keep track of what I’m making each week.  I will try and post once a week.  This is mostly for myself to keep track of all my recipes, but I hope it’s helpful to others too! If you try something I would love your feedback.

Highlight from Last Week:

Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes

I would say these were a hit! I made them for Peter’s NCAA tournament party last Friday and also to practice doing the frosting.  They’re chocolate Guinness cupcakes with dark chocolate ganache filling (the best part!) and Bailey’s Irish Cream frosting.

for the cupcakes: Darn Good Chocolate Cake

I substituted 1 cup Guinness for 1/2 cup water or milk and omitted the chocolate chips

Ganache Filling:

8oz bittersweet chocolate chopped, 2/3 cup heavy cream

heat cream to just simmering, pour over chocolate, let stand 1 min., stir until smooth, refrigerate, stirring every 10 min. or so.

Bailey’s Frosting:

butter, powdered sugar, Bailey’s Irish Cream (I actually used O’Mara’s from Costco)